Review: Easter Bunny’s Carrot House Promo Now Available, Earhart Still Available Too


Today is March 15th, the start of the Easter Bunny’s Carrot House promo. sent me a copy of the set late last week so here we are.

There’s a bunny rabbit…

…who lives in a giant carrot house…

…with a tree stump door mat, a front door and carpet runner.

It’s got a high ceiling which seems inefficient for such a small bunny. I mean, can you imagine the gas bill to heat the place? It’s tall and thin. I’d rather see a shorter and stumpier house.

There’s an egg in the attic, an Easter Egg mayhaps? It’s very meta.

Word of caution: don’t do what I did and attach the sloping sides of the house onto the frame by squeezing the whole thing together. It’ll break apart in your hands. Instead, stick your fingers or thumb inside the house and press them together.

40449 Easter Bunny’s Carrot House is free with your purchase of LEGO sets totaling $60 or more from now until April 5, 2021 or while supplies last. Also available is the 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute set. This promotion was supposed to end yesterday on March 14, but it seems they’ve unofficially extended it.

Not being religious, Easter isn’t really something I celebrated, like ever. Easter Egg hunts? It was always something I read about or seen on TV but never participated in. I’m admittedly pretty ignorant when it comes to this holiday so how a rabbit, some eggs, and candy are tied to it is beyond my level of comprehension. All this to say that the Carrot House set just okay to me. It’s not something I’d store in the garage and bring out seasonally. And definitely not something that would get me to buy something just to get it. An easy pass and wouldn’t recommend trying to get it. Wait for the next GWP or spend a little more to get the Earhart tribute.

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