I don’t know what I expected, but it’s just so…underwhelming.

It looks like a crappy Lego Ideas set.

That is all.

More pictures here.


  1. The general consensus on other sites (once you ignore the people who just comment to say “what’s Overwatch?”) seems to be that the sets are pretty good, although I’ve seen a few complaints about brick-built rather than new moulded weapons.

    I’m excited for the sets myself. There’s the two Gibraltar sets, with a drone, a big rocket / shuttle / spaceship (in a nice white colour, which is a rarity when Lego spaceships are dominated by the greys and blacks of Star Wars), and a bunch of mains (Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Mercy, Pharah, and Reaper). Those are definitely on my wish list (although the biggest set is a little expensive so I’ll hold out for the usual 20% discount that will no doubt rumble to Amazon eventually).

    Then there’s Reinhardt and D.Va’s Meka. OK, the scale is a bit off, but Lego minifigs are weirdly proportioned and there’s only so far you can make builds small _and_ stable. Plus, all that pink! I’m not sure but it looks like we might even get hair and helmet for D.Va, which is a nice change. (I’m still bitter we never got Macy’s hair as a piece.)

    The big Bastion build isn’t my thing but it looks like a far better rendition than the Blizzard exclusive, and if nothing else the price per piece isn’t bad, particularly for a licence. The same goes for the last two sets, and they seem to have good minifigs too.

    So: what’s so underwhelming? The guns? The scenes? The mining’s prints? The way Tracer is pictured riding a payload? The CG of the box art? Throw us a bone here.

  2. It doesn’t look like they’re going to be that bad as sets, but the boxart for each one is pretty lackluster. I’m not sure why Lego/Blizzard used poorly computer-generated images of the sets rather than pictures of the physical copies. At least the mascot of the game, Tracer, is in the least expensive set of the series.

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