I’m a Model Designer at Merlin Entertainment’s Legoland Development model shop in Carlsbad, CA. When I was hired as a Model Builder 10 months ago, we were working on Legoland Malaysia. Now we’re hard at work on the production of Legoland Florida. With upcoming Legoland Discovery Centers and attractions being announced at an exciting rate, the job security is awesome. Our shop is looking to grow even larger to accommodate the production of the new parks. And with that growth comes your chance to join our expanding team!

From Legoland:

Do you have what it takes to be a Master Model Builder? LEGOLAND is currently looking to add five people to the team at the LEGOLAND Development Model Shop. Work on exciting new projects for LEGOLAND Florida, LEGOLAND Malaysia and the new LEGOLAND Water Park in California opening in June. Applications will be accepted from now until April 30th.

Go here for Legoland’s career page and click on job id 291 Model Builder.

I’m happy to answer questions as best I can in the comments!