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As reported previously, on Monday January 6th, Star Wars Miniland will be removed from all LEGOLAND parks, making this weekend the last weekend you’ll be able to see all of the models on display. While no source has specifically cited any direct connection between the removal of the attraction and our Disney overlords, the opening of Galaxy’s Edge is most likely the reason. It would not be in Disney’s interest to license out a theme park that would compete against its own efforts.

This move also unofficially cancels Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND forever, a weekend-long event celebrating the license and fan community. The event was canceled for 2019 with reasons given other than the obvious. I had many years of fun planning and partaking in the event. Despite my indifference toward the hobby, it was an annual tradition in my life and I’m sad to see it come down to this. But life must go on.

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