Stack of 75192 Millennium Falcon Boxes

So I was in my somewhat local LEGO store this past weekend at Cost Mesa and noticed a stack of the new UCS Millennium Falcon sets over by the back door. I asked about buying one but was told they were reserved for people on the wait list. I asked if I could be added to the wait list and they said, “No, the wait list is full.” I asked why they can’t just add more people to the list and all they could answer me with was “Because the list is full”. Thanks for the non-answer there.

That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Because if it’s just a wait list, why not let people get on the list no matter how long it gets? Is the store ONLY going to get enough sets to satisfy the people on the wait list and that’s it? No more for forever? And if people on the list come and buy a set, doesn’t that mean there is room on the list now? I did ask this last question since someone was there to buy it and they still answered with the non-answer of “Because the wait list is full” bs. I still can’t figure out any logical reason why. Just bad customer service.

Also, I kinda wish LEGO announced something on social media or something about being able to reserve one via this magical list at retail locations. Maybe they did and I just missed it. I would have definitely made the effort had I known for sure. I do kind of recall hearing a rumor to that effect way back when the set first came and went. But, as usual, life got super busy and I never followed up on the rumor. I guess I will continue to wait patiently to get an email from the LEGO VIP program saying when I can finally order one, if ever.

Now let me be clear that my posting this isn’t me whining that I can’t drop $800 bucks on the stupid thing, even though it totes sounds like I’m whining. I just wish they had a better explanation on their wait list policy other than “it’s full”. It’s kind of a good thing I didn’t because this thing is freaking HUGE:

75192 Millennium Falcon Story Display

I need to clear out my current box fort first before I even attempt to bring this one into the house. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have a problem. I’m doing something about that and yet still, the heart wants what it wants.