If you haven’t been keeping up with this interesting thread, Recreating expensive UCSset by purchasing individual pieces?, it discusses exactly what the title suggests, recreating UCS sets by sourcing the parts individually. Forum user jmfbtb has done just that for 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon. But he’s not done with it just yet. He’s doing what I’m sure many of us have considered doing: building a special display case for it. And not just any old display either. It’s a display recreating the escape from the Death Star scene from A New Hope. The render you see above is from LEGO Digital Designer and he has plans to build it and put that here:


It’s still a work in progress and you can follow his progress in a dedicated thread here. I have plans of my own to build a special table for mine, low profile, and one that I’d like to put in the living room to use as a coffee table. We’ll see if I ever get off my lazy butt to do it.