I found out some more information regarding the white Boba Fett minifig that was passed out at Toy Fair, along with some other tidbits.

White Boba Fett

  • The white Boba Fett figure was the result of a brainstorm idea as an answer to the question of “What would a prototype minifig look like?” They picked a cool figure and came up with the color white to use as the test shot.
  • 10,000 figures will be available for the North American market, less than 20,000 globally
  • The top 100 Shop@Home customers will be given one Fett and one 2010 product booklet (same one that was given out to Toy Fair attendees) for free. Top 100 recipients will be determined by sales records of LEGO Star Wars products. Update: I’ve just been informed that this is not true. Stay tuned for details.
  • They will NOT show up randomly inserted in 2010 sets.
  • Some Fetts will be given away at San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration V and possibly fan-held LEGO conventions. They will not be given away at LEGO’s booth, so don’t flood their booth asking how to get/buy/steal/borrow one. Exact details on how they will be distributed to be determined.
  • The white Fetts are intended for fans, so the distribution plan will not follow previous limited figures such as C-3PO or Darth Vader, or even the Stormtrooper. LEGO is figuring things out as they go along.
  • A white Boba Fett keychain was also produced, a limited run of about 100. These were given out as gifts from LEGO executives.

2010 Product Book

  • The 2010 product booklet had a limited print run of about 2,000. A few were available to FAO Schwartz customers at the end of December last year. I’m pretty sure this is limited to New York seeing as to how that’s the only retail FAO that’s still up and running.

Chrome Stormtrooper Polybag

  • The Chrome Stormtrooper polybag is an international Toys’R’Us exclusive. For countries that do not have a TRU, there may another means available to acquire the figure; details are unknown at this time.
  • As reported before, Spain TRU stores have started their promotion where if you spend 30 Euro on LEGO Star Wars, you receive the polybagged minifig for free.
  • U.S. TRU stores will begin their promotion on or around October.

As usual, FBTB will try to stay on top of the news on how you can try to get any of the exclusives.