Now that Mother’s Day is behind us, you can prep for Father’s Day right now. While we all can’t afford or justify the larger $229 UCS Tumbler re-issue, what is a no-brainer is the smaller minifig-scaled one, 76239 Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown, for 20% off.

Yep, you can get the Tumbler, Batman, and Scarecrow from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight film with a budget-friendly price tag of $31.99. Scarecrow features a head element with a printed mask pattern which is nice but I always figured there’d be a hat/mask element that slides over a regular head. I do like that it includes a nightmare-induced Bathead element.

Honestly, arguments can be made that this is the better version. That is until they make one where the front section can break away into the Batpod.

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