DC has come up with the excellent idea to release LEGO variant comic hero and villain covers this November to help promote LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Totally on their own… brand new idea, no foolin’. The above Joker will adorn the cover of Batman #36 and the below is the cover of Catwoman #36. IGN broke the news with these two exclusives, but I’m sure the rest will roll out steadily as DC has been pumping out variants like crazy all year. These covers are based on the Zero Issue covers from a while back and are pretty sweet.


USA Today released this list of cover variants to look forward to chasing:

Action Comics No. 36
Aquaman No. 36
Batgirl No. 36
Batman No. 36
Batman & Robin No. 36
Batman/Superman No. 16
Catwoman No. 36
Detective Comics No. 36
Flash No. 36
Harley Quinn No. 12
Grayson No. 4
Green Lantern No. 36
Green Lantern Corps No. 36
Justice Leagued United No. 6
Justice League No. 36
Justice League Dark No. 36
New Teen Titans No. 4
Sinestro No. 7
Supergirl No. 36
Superman No. 36
Superman/Wonder Woman No. 13
Wonder Woman No. 36

They also had this image of what I presume are Aquaman #36 & Justice League #36.


Oy vey.

Thanks to ninny for the heads up!

Update: Hit the link to see all of the covers:

wonder-woman-36-lego-GIlogo The-Flash-36-LEGO-nerdistlogo Teen-Titans-4-LEGO superman-wonderwoman-13-LEGO-ewlogo superman-36-lego-GIlogo supergirl-36-LEGO JLU-6-LEGO-cbrlogo JLD-36-LEGO JL-36-LEGO-small Harley-Quinn-12-LEGO Green-Lantern-36-LEGO-nerdistlogo GRAY_Cv4_LEGOvar_Comp GLC-36-LEGO Detective-Comics-36-LEGO Catwoman-36-LEGO batman-superman-16-LEGO-ewlogo batman-robin-36-LEGO Batman-36-lego Batgirl-36-LEGO-comicvinelogo Aquaman-36-LEGO-small action-comics-36-LEGO Sinestro-7-LEGO