Ship in a Bottle by Jason Petrasich (General)

I FINALLY got some time to do this post. And good thing too because we’ve been on a pretty good streak for posting daily. Even though it’s so close to midnight, it still counts!

If there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s event coverage. We’ve been managing the Fan Gallery at Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND California for a couple of years now, but don’t normally post pictures. It’s 100% due to laziness on my part. I definitely wanted to do something this year and asked Don to take the pictures for this article. He, thankfully, obliged and so here we are. So big ups to that guy. Thanks, Don!

There aren’t pictures of EVERYTHING, just a couple of highlights from across all of the building categories. Those categories were Landspeeders (build a themed landspeeder around a chracter), Mash-up Starfighters (a crossover theme between Star Wars and any other LEGO theme), Constraction-scale vignettes (which we’ve already covered here), The Last Jedi vignettes (minifig-scale and built on some weird size, I think 10×10 or something strange like that), and finally the catch-all General category for all other Star Wars MOCs that couldn’t get shoe-horned into any of the other categories.

The turn-out was way better than expected. We had about 150 LEGO Star Wars models on display, including Mark “brickplumber” Borlase’s gigantic Hoth diorama as the main centerpiece. We also had some building contests hosted by the park to provide some additional entertainment for the park guests.

This was just weekend #1 out of 2. This weekend is also a Star Wars Days weekend on June 9th and 10th. So if you live in Southern California and you’re looking for something to do now that the kids are out/almost out of school, come join us and geek out over Star Wars and LEGO.

Anyways, on to the pictures!



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