Running just slightly behind schedule tonight but everything is squared away and all the polls are open for the second round of out Alphabet Fighter Tournament. If you’re a forum member with an active account go ahead and sign in and cast your votes! You have two days to make your selections again, and only fifteen threads to check (one contestant could not make the deadline even with the extention). Hit the jump for a list of the pilots going head to head and links to each of the polls.

Pangdarr Orzo vs Kass Mothma
Hando Tanstarii vs Moxie Kiddo
Galarius Heirloom vs Marty Bishop
C-3BO vs Korval Drcht
Jud Raynor vs Elma Snuffleupagus
Hex Tobol vs Klawdia Rose
King of Space vs Alpha-B
Jido Obriss vs Sunglasses
Sir Luincius d’ R vs Slash Guncrow
Wrenches vs Ed Med
Zippity Aviary vs Alterf Skendif
Zoid vs Azed
Adumson Dralex vs Klagnon Magoofu
Garret Velasria vs Ryler Bead No Show, Garret Velasria Advances
Bax Toh’Rhee vs Pokludix Zaa
Asvanar vs Cato Stile