I mean, technically the character launched back in 1971 in The Amazing Spider-man 101 after the comic’s code lifted the ban on vampires, and every time I read up on comics history I realize exactly how stupid the Comics Code Authority was. Interestingly, it was the first issue of written by someone other than Stan Lee. Coincidentally, all of these facts are more interesting than the character of Morbius, who is a “vampire” except not really, because it was caused by a biochemical accident and nothing supernatural. Blade showed up two years later and made them cool. Most people my age are probably more familiar of him from the various times he showed up to be X-TREME in the 90s…

The trailer looks… okay, I guess. I’m skeptical of Sony-led pictures… Venom was decent, but it’s not on par with even the lowest MCU movies. This one is increasingly muddled waters on how Sony movies sit in relation to the regular Marvel, because there’s a cameo at the end by an actor that has ties back to Spider-Man. Maybe this is a setup for the Sinister Six, and that would be great, but at the same time, without Spider-man or Marvel’s involvement, I’m skeptical of it continuing to work. I’d be perfectly happy to be wrong

Morbius is also kind of a wanker in the comics, so the Leto casting is spot-on.

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