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Ryan "chief" Wood | November 1st, 2011 | MOC Spotlight

Lunchtime @ the Death Star Construction Site

Je hyung Lee (flickr user storm TK431) is a frequent contributor to our FBTB Flickr Outpost. Here’s the latest offering, a look at the Death Star’s construction crew on their lunch break, recreating that famous photo.

The lunch time of construction trooper
Don "Solo" Reitz | October 30th, 2011 | Contests, LEGO Star Wars

One Day Left to Enter the MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament!


Today is the final day to submit your entry for our MOC Madness 2011 Tournament. You have until midnight tonight (Pacific timezone)  – that’s 24 hours from the time this post appeared – to post your bounty hunter and ship. After the deadline passes you will not be able to enter, nor will you be able to update your entry or correct any issues. If you’re waiting until the last minute to post please make sure you’ve followed all the rules, and have your three photos ready: one of just your bounty hunter, one to display you ship, and another to demonstrate the prisoner compartment. Also, if this is your first time posting to the forum, try not to panic when you don’t see your entry right after you post it. A staff member simply needs to approve the post but it will be entered into the system as soon as you click submit so the timestamp will remain accurate.

I’m looking forward to the last minute entries and I should be online tomorrow night if you have any final questions.

Gabe | October 1st, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

[USA] Toys’R’Us Bricktober from October 2 – 8

Gabe | September 17th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

[USA] Toys’R’Us B2G1 Free 9/18 – 9/24

Toys’R’Us will be having B2G1 Free on all LEGO construction sets and games from September 18 – 24.  Excludes Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, from Sept 16 – Oct 8 you can get a Free 2856134 Ninjago Shrine when you buy one of the following sets:

-LEGO Star Wars At-At Walker (8129)

-LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor (8038)

-LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base (7879)

-LEGO Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tokyo International Circuit (8679)

-LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle (2521)

-LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter (6212)

-LEGO Star Wars Battle for Geonosis (7869)

-LEGO Belville Horse Stable (7585)

-LEGO Ninjago Skeleton Bowling (2519)

-LEGO City Police Helicopter (3658)

-LEGO Star Wars Republic Swamp Speeder (8091)

-LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry (5653)

-LEGO Duplo Disney Pixar Cars 2  World Grand Prix (5839)

-LEGO Duplo Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tokyo Racing (5819)


Ryan "chief" Wood | August 12th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, MOC Spotlight

MOC Spotlight: Steampunk Battle of Hoth

Man, we should really run another Steam Wars contest. This phenomenal scene by Flickr member M<0><0>DSWIM hits all the right notes for me. The AT-AT’s are great, but the smaller Snowspeeders and turrets are perfect as well.

(micro) Steampunk Walkers Attack 2
Don "Solo" Reitz | August 9th, 2011 | Contests, Forum, LEGO Star Wars

Alphabet Fighter Contest Results

The votes are in and we have our winners!

In first place, with a total of 48 votes, is the M-Wing Viper by ted @ndes:

In a very close second is the Iommian 7th iteration i-Fighter, codename: SPINNER by Fat Tony with 45 votes:

And finally, the f-wing fighter by bartosza6m lands in third with 32 votes:

I want to thank all the participants for their fantastic ships and the forum members who voted. There were so many great submissions that even having five votes to spread around was tough. Congratulations to everyone.

Don "Solo" Reitz | August 8th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack

7914 - Mandalorian Battle Pack

If there’s one thing I solidly love about the Clone Wars it’s the Battle Packs. And while I haven’t been following the Clone Wars TV show and I’m not entirely familiar with their current role in the Saga, the Mandalorian armor has always been a nice design, so a small well armed squad featuring them is more than welcome set.


Don "Solo" Reitz | August 2nd, 2011 | Contests, Forum, LEGO, LEGO Star Wars, News, Site News

V E T A i M i W k E F W T H E Q l X Q L I h W f i K W H b D G F V T D L Z D J B O E O T R a J E V C R O W G g G V Q G E P S H Z E X E T Y Y U L Z

That’s either some secret Imperial code or the spread of Alphabet Fighters built for the contest, ordered by submission date. Possibly both. Incredible turnout for this challenge – piles of great entries and some real creativity everywhere – now is the time to pick your favorites so head to the forum and cast your vote!

Alphabet Fighter Contest Entries

This contest brought to you by every letter but N, because not a single member decided to build an N-wing fighter. Sure, you could knock one of the three Z-wings on their nose and call it a day, but that’s just adding insult to injury. The most popular choice among builders was E, with eight total variants, better than ten percent of the pool.

Nick Martin | August 1st, 2011 | Forum, LEGO Star Wars, News, Reviews

Review: 7879 Hoth Echo Base

Full Set

Empire Strikes Back, and Hoth in general, has always been a somewhat neglected area of the LEGO Star Wars line until recent years. But, starting with the somewhat infamous Hoth Rebel Base back in 2007 (has it really been that long?), the Ice Planet has been getting a little more love. The new base is the 3rd in a line of successive “bases” (2009’s 7749 – Echo Base would be the other), and is the first one that actually looks like a base.

At first glance, there’s a whole lot to love about this set. There is a gaggle of minifigs, almost all of them new or modified (our stalward Snowtroopers, thankfully, are unchanged). A lot of potential play features, and of course, a Tauntaun. Now the real question is, does all of that add up to $90, the same amount as the new Podracer set?


Nick Martin | July 30th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News, Reviews

Review: 7961 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator

Sith Infiltrator and Minifigs

For most people, Darth Maul and pretty much everything he did was the highlight of Episode I. Red tattooed face? Check. Horns? Check. Double-bladed lightsaber. A million-times checked. If he would have been used in more of the movie, and had more than a couple of lines, he would have washed away the assault on our eyes and ears that was Jar-Jar Binks, but sadly, that was not the case.

What little we did see of him, outside of the very epic Lightsaber Duel, was his ship, the Sith Infiltrator. Long ago, George Lucas figured out that putting Sith in front of anything was a sure-fire way to sell merchandise. Sith Pancake Syrup? I bet there are people reading this right now that are thinking about checking Google to see if that really exists. So here we are, with LEGO testing us to see if we’re willing to fork money because they put out another Sith Infiltrator.