Pick Up Splatoon 2 for $40


Update: Shipping estimate has improved to October 8th now.

I’ve declared Splatoon 2 as my favorite Switch game from the past decade or so. I spent a good stretch of time away from the game when Smash came out, and then picked up again when The Big N resurrected some old splatfests. Splatoon 2 was just as fun as before. Want to know what all the hype is about? Well you can pick up a physical copy of game for just $39.99 (33% off) from Amazon right now. They’re a bit backordered as the page says it will ship on October 23rd but a deal’s a deal. There’s a good amount of single player content but the online modes is where it’s at, and you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online. But hey, after saving $20 bucks off the retail price, you can get it all for the same retail price. The Octo Expansion is another story though.

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