As click-baity as that title is, it felt appropriate because the Playstation Blog’s article headline was just as click-baity if not more: 16 Tips to Conquer the “Give Me God of War” Difficulty Mode. Out of those 16 tips, I only found a couple that were worth re-reading. Some of them were just downright ignore-able. Like playing through the game once on an easier setting? No thanks. Cue the “ain’t nobody got time for that” meme.

“Give Me God of War” mode is the highest difficulty setting in the God of War game. I posted before about how much trouble I was having with it with just the early skirmishes. I’m talking like 5 minutes in and I was struggling pretty hard. I got through the parts outlined in that post, hit another skirmish and struggled. Struggled for several hours per night across more nights than I care to remember, but, alas, I got through it. Not because of anything written in that article. Oh no, it was something I learned on my own that is and should be fundamental in a game like this: patience.

I think lots of games these days give your character so many hit points and a Wolverine-like healing factor, that it actually makes it difficult to actually just die. And with that you get this sense of invincibility where you can go into any situation, guns blazing figuratively and literally, and come out the other side all in your first go. But Give Me God of War mode? Oh man, that is a humbling experience. But the key is patience, and that is something I was looking for in the Playstation blog post to validate my theory.

Not that I needed much validating from an external source as this was something I kept repeating to myself after every death: be patient. And it’s hard to not be patient and take your time to dispatch a group of enemies. You’ll want to kill that draugr before it turns elite. Cause elite enemies are way harder, don’t flinch as much, and get a boost in health. But you can’t let that transformation to elite power rush you into battle or into taking chances you shouldn’t be taking.

That video above is the last three attempts of clearing the 1st brazier at the lake of the world serpent of whatever that place is called. It took my far longer to get to this point than I care to remember. The additional abilities I picked up definitely helps, and the game keeps throwing new enemies at you to keep you on your toes. It’s fun, grueling, and there are still nights where I question my life choices and skills as a gamer. Having patience and knowing when to strike along with favoring the quick attack that hits for less over the stronger attack that leaves you vulnerable are, in my opinion, the very basic fundamentals of “Give me God of War” mode. I kinda hoped the PlayStation blog post emphasized that.

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