For Immediate Release: announces today that it will be refocusing its core theme away from LEGO Star Wars, to concentrate on the new Power Miners theme instead. After a decline in membership and losing popularity due to its controversial “Respect The Brick” policy, site founder and editor-in-chief, Ace Kim, has decided to shift the site’s team’s energies into covering all news relating to the heavily neon-green colored theme. At a news conference held earlier today in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Kim said, “This was not an easy decision to make. I, along with my team, consulted a select group of members of our community in the secret forum. I basically asked if there was any point in continuing the Star Wars theme. I was just tired of being the last to know about [Star Wars-related] leaked info. I figured this was the best way to keep a fan site running and be on the bleeding edge of news: pick a theme that doesn’t have a fan site dedicated to it already. After much debate, we all collectively came to a decision to do Power Miners.” When asked about the potential impact on the site’s loyal following, Mr. Kim he replied, “Site membership’s been on the decline since the redesign a month and a half ago. We’re getting far less registrations than ever before; granted the majority of the registrations on the old site were from spambots, but the high number of members were indicative of our popularity, and made me feel good. But the numbers now… now are just pathetic.” Ryan Wood, a long-time contributor to the site, was also in attendance at the news conference, “Power Miners was just a natural fit. The price per part ratio was one of the main reasons for switching.” He also commented that with the Star Wars license expiring in 2011 and no chance of renewal, now was a good time to transition to a new theme to keep the site running.

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