The site hasn’t been the most active lately… 2023 has been a sledgehammer to the face of a few of us and it’s hard to get the time to keep up with everything. I can’t speak for everyone here, but the annual tradition of us opening all the calendars and being shocked at the iffy builds is something that we look forward to.

We’re doing it a bit different this year, or more specifically, Nick just couldn’t find all that much joy in just doing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. So he’s decided to do more than that one and compare them all a bit. Ace is going to do his normal review of it as well, and Eric will be covering Harry Potter yet again, for whatever the wizarding version of Groundhog Day is. And double the Star Wars!

We’re also bringing back our “random advent” calendar tradition, because it was fun last year. So tune in to see we go through and talk about. Maybe I’ll even bring in a special guest expert to talk about the one that I picked up…

Star Wars: 4 Hits / 2 Misses
City: 4 Hits / 2 Misses
Harry Potter: 5 Hits / 1 Misses
Marvel: 2 Hits / 4 Misses
Star Wars: 4 Hits / 2 Misses

Star Wars Day 7 – Ace

We may have escaped the weapons rack, but we haven’t escaped paired build days apparently. While the art on the front of the box shows this as some sort of snowball sentry post, we all know it’s a crows nest for soemone with a long gun. Like this:

Wonder if it goes on that post on a Clone Turbo Tank set…

In any case, it’s not great because by itself it’s really just nothing. I can’t believe I’m saying this but a weapons rack is better than this, because it was at least something. You can look at it and know what it is. If I didn’t look at the back of the box or stuck this Clone Trooper in it, it would have been hard to tell what it’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately this day is full of disappointment even on the chocolate side. Today’s chocolate snowman felt a bit light. I looked at the back of the box and it said that it is a “Lindt Mini Milk Chocolate Snowman”. It sounded pretty hollow.

And it was! Utter disappointment.

At least it looked nice.

Harry Potter Day 7 – Eric

Another Zonko’s build. Not too much to say about this one except:

These two cones. I’ve never seen the sparkles in a LEGO piece like that. Big fan.

Forgot to take pictures of the tea, but it’s called TURMERIC ACTIVE. But I think it should be called TURMERIC AVERAGE because yeah it was just average.


City Day 7 – Nick

This makes yesterday makes a whole lot more sense. An ice sculptor is a great little thing (and something that fits well into the theme). I wish it would have had a chainsaw, which they have as a part (it came with the Collectible Minifigures), but still a good, if simple, figure. It would have been better if the sculpture was included, or came after, but still a solid if not spectacular hit.

Marvel Day 7 – Nick

Edit: Switched days 7 and 8, so fixing that!

Our second sweater fig, Black Widow. Always love a sweater fig, and holiday themed to boot! So solid, solid hit.

Bonus Star Wars Day 7 – Nick

WTF is this thing? Like… a chair. This is the kind of nonsense that would come up if someone dared the world’s biggest billionaire idiot (I repeat myself, but talking about Elon Musk specifically) decided he wanted to * bleep * up wheelchairs and make them worse for everyone, crapped this out while high, and then spent two years and tens of billions of dollars bullying everyone to accept it while his rabid fanbois harassed anyone who dared to disagree it was * bleep * (which it was, like every other idea he’s ever had).

What does the fact that Elon Musk is awful, his companies are awful (also overrated, ruining the world – as well as the night sky, and should be the first on the block when the revolution comes)? Nothing, I’ve just been making fun of that ass for a long time, well before the shine came off and he drove twitter into the ground. And this miss of a build stinks and isn’t worth talking about.

Bricklink says it’s a Clone Command Center, but they weren’t known to roll around and communicate with one or two beeps, so I doubt it.

Pokemon Day 7 – Nick & Family

Oh, Swinub, you poor little thing. You’re a trash Pokemon that’s still somehow cute. These things are what show up by the dozen if you open Pokemon Go around my house and walk a quarter mile in any given direction. It’s cute, and a solid representation, but it’s still just a Swinub.

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