I’m slightly annoyed writing this because the information I got from various people working at the LEGO booth regarding all of their giveaways was incorrect. Now it could be that at the time I was asking my questions, the answers I was given was correct at the moment and that plans changed due to various reasons from minute to minute, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when trying to follow the rules and verify what is actually happening.

I’m speaking vaguely on purpose because my point is not to vilify anyone in particular. I acknowledge everyone is trying their best including yours truly so if the information I post seems wrong, understand that it is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time I am writing it.

There are a set of 4 enamel pins that LEGO is giving away: one each of Star Wars, Captain America, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a Brickbuster logo. And there are two ways to get them.

Method 1: Find a Brickbuster VHS case

This part can change so I would check with the booth if at all possible. I was told on preview night that a total of 30 Brickbuster Video VHS cassette cases would be hidden around the convention hall. Finders can return them to the booth and redeem for a full set of pins. Today, Thursday, we find out that they are spread out outside of the convention center in the gaslamp district and instead of 30 there are now only 25. It is unknown if they will continue to be hidden offsite or if that will change for Friday and the rest of the days. Also, I found out today that one VHS case per day will contain a golden ticket with a special model that will be built by LEGO and sent to each winner.

I don’t like this method as there is a possibility that some cases may be picked up by non attendees and thus will be a wasted / missed opportunity. Plus, it forces attendees to not be near the convention hall. I wish LEGO would instead employ the power of social media. Have someone post a picture of location in the hall on Instagram. First person or first couple of people to reach the location gets the pin set. This still uses the hunting aspect and doesn’t displace fans away from the hall.

Method 2: Pose with a statue and post to social media

You might have seen this post on FBTB’s twitter:

Take a picture with the corner statue, post to social media, show it to the nice folks behind the desk, and get a pin. There’s one pin per day. Today’s pin was Star Wars, tomorrow, Friday, I believe is Sonic the Hedgehog, and Captain America will be Saturday or vice versa. The spot where Captain America is will be changed out to something else for the fourth pin on Sunday. I’d guess it would be a brick-built Brickbuster logo.

Being one pin per day, this is the most tedious as you have to visit the booth every day and deal with the absolute mob of people to shoot your photo and then redeem.

Method 3 (Unverified): Bring an original Blockbuster membership card

If you happen to be carrying around your original Blockbuster membership card, show it to the nice folks behind the desk and they’ll give you a full set of pins. Again, this is unverified.

Free Be Kind Rewind Minifigure Build

And lastly, let’s talk about that Be Kind Rewind minifigure. Scan a QR code found at the booth to be taken to a scheduling page. There are time slots you can select and reserve. Again, this is where bad information came to play as one LEGO person said the time slots would go live between 12pm and 1pm, but in actuality, they went live at 9:30am. The slots are only for that day and if you are unable to reserve, there is always the next day. Slots are available every day of the convention.

Good luck and stay hydrated.

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