So while I was meandering casually around the LEGO booth, someone redeemed a Brickbuster case. And I had the opportunity to view the prize pack. First up is what you see in the featured image, set 6385893 LEGO Masters.

Another was LEGO Masters keychain.

It’s a golden brick keychain with an additional LEGO masters logo charm:

Hot tip: if you redeem a VHS case, open up this box to make sure your keychain is inside.

Also included was a complete set of enamel pins on a blister card:

While you can get each of the pins through the daily giveaway (you can read about it in yesterday’s post), you can’t get that blister card.

And finally was a VIP blue minifig keychain and a membership card:

I have two more days to hope that I get struck by lightning and find one of these cases.

Also, I managed to snag a picture of the Be Kind Rewind minifigure torso. Here it is:

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