Day 10, though with a distinct lack of hens… at least in the City calendar. The tally so far:

  • City: 6/3
  • Harry Potter: 7/2
  • Star Wars: 7/2

HP and SW are in a dead heat but after an early stumble, City is gaining momentum. Let’s see what today brings.

City (Nick)

Day 10 brings us Freya McCloud, presumably a detective, or perhaps a fire marshal or fire investigator. I’m sure that there’s a backstory behind these characters that explains all of it, but visiting any LEGO website is trying to chew glass and drink lemon juice while walking on random bricks while barefoot.

I like her, and that hairpiece is just fantastic. The only thing that bugs me is that the badge she’s holding doesn’t match the badge on her jacket… which feels lazy. That’s more of a quibble though, especially if you just don’t use it, so still calling it a win.

Harry Potter (Eric)

Who cares about some dumb table? I’m here for the minifigs, and today we get our best yet.

Ron’s whiny little face is my favorite minifig expression I’ve ever seen. It’s just exaggerated enough, and it’s not too specific to a character, so it can be used with all sorts of contexts. DMV lines too long? Pissy face. Your dad’s getting married again? Pissy face. A ceiling tile fell on your bed? Pissy face.

Much like Cho Chang’s Day 5 embroidery, the details on ol’ Ronald is great, too. Just wanted to spotlight it.

Star Wars (Ace)

D-O is OK. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s followed this site that this is my very first D-O. The hat seems unnecessary but it does make it more festive. This was probably the smallest build in terms of piece count. That’s not a sleight in any way, I’m glad I got this little guy. And yes, this pretty much confirms we’re getting the cast from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Now my question is which came first, the Special or the Calendar.


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