Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be writing about Toys R Us again, after their rather stellar implosion early this year. While I had given up on the chain some time ago, I get reminded about it every so often when my daughter asks about it. There’s something gut-wrenching about saying “they are all closed” and getting asked when they are going to be open again. She’s six, and never got to see them during their heyday, but there is still something special about seeing the place as a kid.

While the stores have been closed for months now, the website is gone, and the (rather sub-par) clearance sales are done… but apparently the store is not quite dead yet. News hit today that the end of their bankruptcy process looks to be cancelled or on hold, and TRU is “exploring” either licensing the name or trying to create new stores using the name. I’d much rather see the second one, where a new TRU that was a bit more geared for the modern world was in place, but it seems like the first one is more likely.

Also a little bit ironic, given that’s what happened to FAO Schwarz after they went through bankruptcy and was purchased by TRU… becoming just a name on a box to sell marked up toys.

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