LEGO Shop@Home‘s current GWP promotional set, 40291 Creative Storybook, is really nice. I know I posted before about how if you live near a LEGOLAND, it’s better to just go buy it. I still stand by what I said, but if you aren’t fortunate enough to be local to a park, it may behoove you to place an order or go to a Brand Retail store to get one.

The set is celebrating Hans Christian Andersen, famed Danish author best known for his fairy tales. The actual build resembles a large open book, with the left-hand side showing a model of Hans sitting on a becnh holding a book, captivating a young boy holding a pretzel.

A printed tile with his name captions the vignette.

The left hand side shows what I believe to be a vignette of The Ugly Duckling. You’ll notice that the vignettes do not follow the slope of the pages. They are built on hinge bricks to create the flat levels.

It really is worth the cost of admission. LEGOLAND parks have them at $19.99 but they are free with purchases of $100 or more from LEGO Shop@Home or Brand Retail locations until 11:59pm EST, June 20, 2018 or while supplies last, of course. The free set will be automatically added to your cart once it qualifies.

If you’re looking for stuff to buy, the Pirate Coaster ($89.99) is proving to be very popular due to it having gray roller coaster tracks. You’ll need to pad that order slightly though to hit the $100 threshold. The Statue of Liberty set ($119.99) is also pretty nice offering a wide variety of parts in sand green. And, of course, there’s always the Bugatti Chiron because who doesn’t want or need a $350 Technic set.


  1. Also the instruction book contains ideas (ie built models) for 6 or 8 more Has Christian Anderson fairytales/stories. It’s really nice to see Lego doing some things old, school, like encouraging peeps to think outside the box!

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