The SDCC news just keeps on flowing. Fresh from the convention floor via Ace, the pricing and sales details are out now for the Batmobile, Ghost, and Rocket Raccoon Warbird. Sadly, the news isn’t quite as good as the joy of the Green Lantern set…

There are going to be 200 of each set available per day, including tonight’s preview night. The ’66 Batmobile is going to set you back $50 if you’re lucky enough to get there, while The Ghost and the Warbird are going to run you $40 each. Good luck to those of you there, and pity on the rest of us who will have to get them on the aftermarket…

Also, a reminder to everyone that isn’t able to get to Comic Con@LEGO_Group on Twitter for a chance to win one of the figures. They’re only giving away five of each figure this way, but hey, 5 in a kajillion is better than the 5 in nothing that most of us were getting before.


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