In celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons LEGO, along with Twentieth Century FOX Consumer Products, just revealed the collection of 16 licensed LEGO Minifigures inspired by the TV series! This series is number 13 in the Collectible Minifigure line for those of you keeping track at home. Priced at $3.99 each, a full 33% increase, they will be available starting in May. A special episode of The Simpsons will air on May 4th in conjunction with the release of the line.

LEGO could probably dedicate more CMF series to The Simpsons and still barely scratch the surface of the Springfield residents. Plus, all the variants they could be making? I mean come on. What do I have to do to get Muumuu Homer here?

71005_1to1_Scratchy 71005_1to1_Ralph Wiggum 71005_1to1_Nelson Muntz 71005_1to1_Ned Flanders 71005_1to1_Mr. Burns 71005_1to1_Millhouse 71005_1to1_Marge Simpson 71005_1to1_Maggie Simpson 71005_1to1_Lisa Simpson 71005_1to1_Krusty the Clown 71005_1to1_Itchy 71005_1to1_Homer Simpson 71005_1to1_Grandpa 71005_1to1_Chief Wiggum 71005_1to1_Bart Simpson 71005_1to1_Apu Nahasapeemapetilon