Nannan Zhang of The Brothers Brick runs Creations for Charity every year and every year it astounds me how much he and his team are able to donate. In case you don’t know, Creations for Charity raises money by selling MOCs donated by AFOLS. The money raised is used to buy LEGO on discount leading up to the holidays. Those LEGO sets are then donated to Toys for Tots by the truckload. You can check out the About page to get a better idea of what they’ve done in the past and for information on how you can participate. If you’re already familiar with the process and want to see what MOCs are for sale, you can hit up the Creations for Charity Bricklink store and browse the current offerings. More stuff will be added regularly as time goes on until November 30th so keep an eye on the store. In it’s first day of sales, they’ve already raised $1,200!

Our very own Ken “buriedbybricks” Robichaud is donating his Chokutō, pictured below, for the cause. I’d link directly to the item but Bricklink’s framed pages make it impossible to do.