Good afternoon, Fubby-Tubbers! I just got an email from LEGO Shop@Home regarding early adopters of 10225 R2-D2:

“Knowing that 10225 – R2-D2™ is brand new product and part of the LEGO® Star Wars™ line there was a concern that the May 1st launch date (unchangeable) could potentially leave a number of consumers purchased the set during the 3 day gap prior to the May the 4th promotion to later be disappointed they had missed the upcoming offers. In an effort to alleviate this customer dissatisfaction, LEGO Shop set up all purchases of 10225 – R2-D2™ to receive the May the 4th offers early. No other purchases will receive the offers prior to May 4th.”

So there you go. Now, please put away your angry eyes and your pitchforks and torches. Hopefully this will alleviate the confusion.