Update: as Commander Keller on the forums (and probably others who didn’t score as low as me in reading comprehension) noted, Legoland’s page says that participants in the Trivia game have a chance to win the elusive White Boba Fett minifig!

Legoland California’s annual weekend tribute to Star Wars is fast approaching: mark your calendars and make your plans for Saturday August 7th and Sunday August 8th!

Activities include the traditional 501st Droid Hunt game, costume contests, and fan displays. One highlight of the fan display will be Brickplumber’s Endor landing platform dio.

Also fleshing out the weekend are building challenges, trivia games, and more! See Legoland California’s event page for the full agenda.

Hit the break for more shots of last year’s fun!

The collaborative display!

More of the LUGOLA/SANDLUG display

Yours truly about to get whomped in a round of Brandon Griffith’s fantastic A New Hope chess board.

Myself, Ace, and Don Solo will all be onsite for the festivities, so stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of Legoland California’s Star Wars Days 2010!