Eagle-eyed forum member ROFLWaffles pointed out another new article on StarWars.com with info (372 pieces, and Target exclusive) on the upcoming 7753 Pirate Tank set.

If you want my opinion, and if we’re talking about exclusives, this set is *way* cooler than the overpriced-and-sure-to-be-a-boon-to-rare-minifig-sellers-but-still-a-neat-playset that is the Home One. I’m a sucker for hovertanks and gritty cobbled-together pirate scrap heaps, and this one looks like a winner. Not only do you get the wicked model, you get the minifigs seen below:

Ignore Obi-Wan for a minute. Look at those pirates. Those guys are AWESOME. This set can’t get here soon enough. The last Special Edition Target set I bought was that other rad hovertank: what did Target do to score the best exclusives?

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