Gareth Bowler, longtime SW mocmaker extraordinaire, has been posting some new/newish/old models to Brickshelf. Here’s a couple of his latest, a UCS Speederbike, and an updated A-Wing!

Click here for the full gallery!

Of the two, my favorite is the speederbike, which has some really great details I like, such as tires for the handle grips, and some fantastic greebling where the steering vanes connect to the main body.

Click here for the A-Wing gallery!
The A-Wing is sleek as ever. The canopy stands out to me.
Click here for the full UCS gallery, which includes a new TIE Interceptor, Swamp Speeder, and General Grievous Fighter.

We’ve gotten emails and forum posts from people asking where Gareth’s spotlight page from the old site is. It’s archived, but we’re still trying to cement our plans for handling spotlights here on the new site. Although we may not end up featuring individual builders with their own pages like we used to, we still intend to highlight the best and most amazing Star Wars-related creations we find.

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