Steve has kindly asked for some assistance in a little project he’s working on. He has been tasked to gather fan opinion on what the next LEGO Ferrari car should be. So I’ve created a special LEGO Ferrari poll in our LEGO forum for you to check out. It’s open to the public so everyone can vote.

Personally, I think the 2005/06 Ferrari FXX would be the way to go. And I think this too, should be a limited run. Like, available for purchase only if say you buy a complete collection of their LEGO Ferrari sets. ‘Cause you know, the FXX was built only for their most passionate clients.

Update: I forgot to mention this but the poll is only up for 4 days, so get your vote in while you can.

Okay, so my first attempt at creating this poll didn’t go so smoothly. I blame phpbb for restricting poll resopnses to registered users only. In any case, I’ve resurrected the old poll that used to reside on the old site. You can now direct your view to the right hand side of this page to participate in the monstrous poll. Thank you for your time.

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