Forget about that UCS Porg, THIS is the only porg you’ll want and ever need. Standing at just about 7 bricks tall, this brick-built porg model fits in your hand and can be added to any MOC to add a certain level of humor and/or elegance.

The studs out design makes them supremely customizable. You can add additional bricks and plates to give that porg hair, a cap, a helmet, or even another porg. Like a porg ladder. Or porg-kebab. The size is just right too. Why get the giant UCS one that takes up a lot of space when you just build a bunch of these and put them everywhere?

Brandon did just that. He built a bunch of them and brought them to Star Wars Days this past weekend at LEGOLAND California. Here’s a small vignette he made:

And another constraction-scale vignette:

He built so many he spread the love around to other MOCs:

Want to build one yourself? Brandon said he’d make a set of instructions for them soon. We will post them here when he does that. I was going to try and take a picture of an exploded view, but it was not easy. It is such a solid build, I was having trouble removing what I thought was just a panel of plates. I did manage to take some of the head apart, and here’s what that looked like:

I still don’t like porgs, but I really like this model. This is the model LEGO should have made.


  1. It was quite the infestation. I was quite surprised with how popular ports were with kids. When one would fall over there was some kid right there telling someone to correct it. These were awesome builds though.

  2. Totally agree. We need more small, fun, playable sets than big take-up-space sets. And I’m not just saying that because my wallet needs a breather. I started spending some of my LEGO money on knock-off Pokemon nanoblock sets because they sit so nicely on my desk, and it inspired me to design one of my own favorites that wasn’t being sold (Abra).

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