Yes, it’s true. And if it’s not, it’s a really elaborate hoax, and by elaborate I mean cruel and mean. I can’t show you the picture, but I can tell you where to look, so check it out here.

Random thoughts:

  • Like a friend said, it has a catfish mouth. He’s not lying.
  • I don’t think people like porgs as much Disney wants us to. It’s not like Ewoks that polarized the Star Wars fanbase into like or dislike camps. There’s just nothing there to like. I suppose some might think they’re cute, but it’s not merch-purchasing cute. Baby deer are cute but I’m not out collecting baby deer figures and baby deer hoodies. And unlike the Ewoks, the porgs are just void of personality. They were a nuisance on the island and didn’t do much besides be a food source for Chewbacca. They were just kind of there taking up space. But Disney is just gonna keep shoving the pest down our throats and until we’re brainwashed into liking them through exposure and repetition. Do I sound old yet?
  • UCS Porg was not shown at last week’s event, and was not part of the press materials that were emailed after. It could be a D2C set but it seems like it’s on the small side. This could be a very early January 2019 set. Or possibly a retail exclusive. Or an elaborate hoax.
  • I’m going to guess this one’s gonna be $50-$75 range.
  • I’m hoping that the very inside of the model will house a LEGO turkey element complete with legs.
  • I would not be surprised if it came packed with some unique minifigure to help move units.

Alright, that’s it. That’s enough snark for one post.


  1. People were saying as far back as 2004 that the Star Wars license had been spent and that The LEGO Group was starting to run out of ideas. I’d love to go back in time just to show them this. Getting the umpteenth snowspeeder or X-wing is one thing…

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