75192 Millennium Falcon Story Display

I’ll be honest, that lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I was checking on and off since I saw the email come in. Last I checked was right around 12:30-ish and they still had them in stock. It’s now 1:03pm and it shows as out of stock again. If you were lucky enough to get one online today, congrats! If you weren’t so lucky, next week will be your last chance to get the special VIP card attached with the purchase of the UCS Falcon set and you’ll most likely have to do some footwork to get it from a LEGO Brand Retail location.

My original prediction of a March restock was a tad off the mark, but considering it took them three months (mid-September’s launch until today) for it to show up online again, it may be another month at least before we will it show up online again.

Good luck!


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