Canadian FBTB super fan DreadPirateBuzzkill sent in these pictures of his recent acquisition from a Toys’R’Us store in Canada: 30247 ARC-170 Starfighter. It is a slightly different than the previous mini ARC-170 in that it seems slightly bigger in the midsection like a middle-aged man and has a slightly different parts selection. You can see the comparison shot below. And, yes, those are dark red blank minifig heads. That alone is worth the purchase methinks. I’ve never seen nor heard of this polybag before so I took a quick trip over to Brickset and it says it was available in the UK as a Daily Mail giveaway and in the US it was available at Toys’R’Us stores back in August. I guess I’m gonna have to head over there to check things out. Hopefully I’ll get lucky.