One more project squeaks by for the summer review period as JeremiahKC’s The Road to Oz becomes the seventh to achieve the needed votes. The project actually revolves around the much better known The Wizard Of Oz, which has been public domain for over 50 years, so licensing should not be a huge obstacle on this one at least. If Ghostbusters is considered a classic geek film then The Wizard Of Oz would have to be the godfather of pop culture. Any fan of FBTB should have no trouble seeing how far it’s influenced has spread and I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t popping up in at least one medium. I still have nightmares about the old Canadian made Tales of the Wizard of Oz cartoon that plagued the airways of the CBC when I was a kid, but I’ve still always liked the original subject matter. I wish JeremiahKC luck in the upcoming review and it will be interesting to see how the older property will fair in consideration with all the newer kids on the block.

So who’s in for an Oz themed set? Would you be likely to buy one or would you just stick with your existing LEGO robot, Laval, witch and scarecrow (take your pick) figs and call it a pass?