The second week of Toys R Us Canada’s Bricktober celebration sees a really nice 30% discount on all Cars LEGO, which is a vast improvement to the stingy four Star Wars sets they discounted last week. You can also get 20% off on all Ninjago & Technic sets and the now standard $5 off ALL (POTC included for once) non-clearence LEGO videogames.

In addition to the free LEGO Forestman Magnet *cough*glued*cough* with a $35 purchase, if you spend that amount on one of the three sale themes you’ll also recieve the 30042 Atlantis Mini Sub gratis. Still not the greatest deals thus far this year though they are improving and the freebie double up is pretty sweet. I`m keeping my fingers crossed for an end of the month BOGO50%off.