First Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer


Oh, that’s right… the DC Extended Universe is still a thing. Oh, and look, they’re making a sequel to the best movie they’ve made so far, so that’s nice! Okay, snark aside, this came out a couple of days ago… and it looks pretty good. I mean, it looks fun, and they’re leaning heavily into the 1984 aspect. Yet at the same time, outside of the song and the neon treatments, I’m not sure how much of it feels like 1984. Yeah, they have a car or two, but it feels like everything else could be picked up and dropped anywhere.

We do get some of the basics, that Diana is Wonder Woman early on and just hid it really well. Trevor looks pretty spry, despite the problem of being rather dead. It’s nice to see the Mandalorian without his helmet, but I guess never putting it back on means you are peddling get-rich schemes on television. Honestly, the most inspired casting, based on the trailer, is Kristen Wiig as Cheetah and the friend/antagonist. I’m also glad to see that the Amazons and Themyscira are getting seen again, even if it looks to mostly be flashbacks.

We have to wait until June to see how it all ends up, but I’m going to keep my hopes tentatively high for the time being.


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