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Archive for August, 2012

Ace Kim | August 18th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

Amazon Discounts 6860 The Batcave

Amazon discounted 6860 The Batcave enough to be considered worth picking up, down 16% to $58.99. Ninnymuggins finally picked one up at that price and he’s been monitoring the price for awhile now. So, you know, if HE thinks it’s worth it, so should you. Do what Ninny done, and get one for yourself. You’ll thank him later.

Ken Robichaud | August 18th, 2012 | LEGO CUUSOO, News

Curiosity Achieves 10,000 Votes On Cuusoo

Updated Curiosity Rover 01

I’ve been watching the speedy rise of votes for the Mars Science Laboratory built by Stephen Pakbaz for the last week and it’s been quite a ride. While it it appears that some noise on Reddit helped it blast past the finish line overnight keep in mind there were days when Ace and I monitored it climbing 500 votes or more, so this really only sped up the accomplishment by perhaps a week or so. Models like this are what Cuusoo is all about and though some may worry that the months between now and any possible release of this model will cool the interest in Curiosity, I believe it will probably be well recieved among it’s target demographic (Science!) in any case. LEGO’s pre-existing relationship with NASA also bodes well for this and I would love to have it as a compliment to my Mars Exploration Rover (I loved it so much I bought two). The review process would make any possible release an even decade after that last official rover model, which is pretty cool IMO. Here’s LEGO’s two bits:

Congratulations on 10,000 Supporters, Perijove!

What a cool Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover model and a very timely LEGO CUUSOO project! You’ve built and presented the model in a good size that looks accessible and playable. We really like the Sky Crane as shown with the transparent flame pieces, too.

This project has seen a pretty impressive run to 10,000 thanks to last night’s Reddit post. Awkward high-fives all around!

Congratulations on achieving 10,000 supporters. We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

Congratulations to Stephen Pakbaz, everyone else who worked on the Mars Science Laboratory project and anyone who gets excited at the thought of atomic powered robots being landed on other planets.

Don "Solo" Reitz | August 17th, 2012 | Contests, LEGO Super Heroes, News

Super Hero Stop Motion Cinema Contest Winners

A little behind schedule with this final update but better late than never. The poll closed on Tuesday night and the top rated video, with a whopping 52% of the votes, is Egos Collide by zhouston:

Quite the landslide victory. He now gets to pick which of the super rare super hero minifigs he’d like from the pair provided by Lego.  And the runner up, who will receive the other half of that duo, is The Sinister Two by minitrue11:

Really great work on these videos and the rest of the entries. Thanks again everyone for participating!

Ryan "chief" Wood | August 17th, 2012 | Events, LEGO Star Wars

FBTB DRAFT SIX: 8091 Swamp Speeder

The next FBTB Parts Draft will take place on Saturday September 8th!

We’ll be drafting 10 copies of Star Wars 8091 Republic Swamp Speeder for $16, about 50% off MSRP! (shipping charges will be calculated later for each participant.) Our very own Don Solo reviewed it on the site here in 2010, and although it didn’t score very high overall it did have strong marks for parts and minifigs!

You can see the inventory for this set on Bricklink.

The draft will follow the same rules as the last few drafts.

Draft registration will commence on Monday August 27th at 12 pm PST, which you can do in in this dedicated forum topic by simply posting “SWAMPY!” Feel free to post any and all questions or comments in the thread; however, anyone posting “SWAMPY!” before the clock hits 12 pm PST on August 27th will not be allowed to participate. Don’t jump the gun! After checking the list of people who have posted I will confirm everyone’s registration via private message and give everyone PayPal payment instructions, and our draft order will be decided by the order of payment received from participants.

Ace Kim | August 16th, 2012 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Avengers Sequel Gets Dated

Avengers 2015

Disney announced today that a date has been set for the Avengers sequel: May 1, 2015. The sequel will see the return of Joss Whedon to write and direct the film. A series of Marvel universe movies will be released between now and then including Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, and Ant-Man.

via Marvel

Ace Kim | August 15th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, Sales News

Amazon Discounts The Mines Once Again

Amazon has slashed the price on 9473 The Mines of Moria once again down 16% to $67.25. Not as good as our last mention, but with the rising cost of gas ($4.21 a gallon where I’m at), no tax to most states, and free shipping, it’s a no-brainer. Plus, if you’re like me and just want to get the fellowship, you get 4 out of the 9 members in this one set (Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas). Plus a cave troll!

Ace Kim | August 13th, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Amazon Discounts 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor is offering a slight discount on the newly-released 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor based off the MMORPG The Old Republic. The current going price is $70.75, down 21% from $89.99. With no tax to most most states plus free shipping, you can realize almost a 30% total discount. Amazon pricing tends to fluctuate on newly released sets, so this price may not stay this low for long so act fast.

Thanks go to Brainslugged for the tip.

Ace Kim | August 13th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

New LEGO Lord of the Rings Game Trailer Out

Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveler’s Tales have released a new trailer for their upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings video game ahead of Gamescom happening this week from August 15-19 in the Republic of Korea. From everything I’ve read and seen, the gameplay makes a departure from their usual hub-centric style to a more linear approach following the events of the film.

The game is set for release on October 30, 2012. You can pre-order the game from Amazon or Gamestop. No word yet on the Elrond minifig for US customers, but my bet’s on Gamestop getting the exclusive.

Ken Robichaud | August 13th, 2012 | LEGO CUUSOO, LEGO Star Wars, News

UCS Sandcrawler Achieves 10,000 Votes On Cuusoo

lights, main ramp

Marshal Banana has made a bit of Cuusoo history with his massive UCS Sandcrawler reaching 10,000 votes. Firstly, it’s the largest model to make the cut and be approved to move into the review phase, with the next quarterly review starting in September. And most impressively, this isn’t his first model to make the cut. He was also responsible for the very well recieved Western Town which is in the current review stage.

The size of this beast is the real concern for me as the original Sandcrawler from 2005 weighed in at 1669 pieces and would probably be close to $200 if it was released today. This model is probably 5 times that size and includes multiple power functions and lights, so if LEGO chooses to build it anywhere near this level it is sure to be an extremely costly set. This will be the most interesting entry to watch so far as the first three Cuusoo production models have been smaller $40-60 sets and even the Western Town could end up being done in micro scale similar to the Mini Modulars, but the entire intention of this one is the size and complexity. Congratulations to Marshal Banana and good luck in the next stage of this journey.

Ken Robichaud | August 10th, 2012 | LEGO, News

The LEGO Story

Today the LEGO Group turns 80 and to celebrate they’ve shared this short film on the origins of the company and it’s growth across the last eight decades. It’s a rather nice little story and reminds me a lot of the old educational films of the 50’s and 60’s. Happy 80th Birthday LEGO and thanks for the memories I couldn’t have built without you.