Updated Curiosity Rover 01

I’ve been watching the speedy rise of votes for the Mars Science Laboratory built by Stephen Pakbaz for the last week and it’s been quite a ride. While it it appears that some noise on Reddit helped it blast past the finish line overnight keep in mind there were days when Ace and I monitored it climbing 500 votes or more, so this really only sped up the accomplishment by perhaps a week or so. Models like this are what Cuusoo is all about and though some may worry that the months between now and any possible release of this model will cool the interest in Curiosity, I believe it will probably be well recieved among it’s target demographic (Science!) in any case. LEGO’s pre-existing relationship with NASA also bodes well for this and I would love to have it as a compliment to my Mars Exploration Rover (I loved it so much I bought two). The review process would make any possible release an even decade after that last official rover model, which is pretty cool IMO. Here’s LEGO’s two bits:

Congratulations on 10,000 Supporters, Perijove!

What a cool Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover model and a very timely LEGO CUUSOO project! You’ve built and presented the model in a good size that looks accessible and playable. We really like the Sky Crane as shown with the transparent flame pieces, too.

This project has seen a pretty impressive run to 10,000 thanks to last night’s Reddit post. Awkward high-fives all around!

Congratulations on achieving 10,000 supporters. We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

Congratulations to Stephen Pakbaz, everyone else who worked on the Mars Science Laboratory project and anyone who gets excited at the thought of atomic powered robots being landed on other planets.