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Archive for March, 2012

Casey "cas" Scott | March 31st, 2012 | LEGO CUUSOO, News

Another LEGO Cuusoo Milestone: Shaun of the Dead

Chances are you’ve already heard the news. Yatkuu’s LEGO Cuusoo submission “The Winchester – Shaun of the Dead” has reached the required 10,000 votes for product consideration! This was no doubt related to Simon Pegg’s mention of the project on Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show. But don’t get too excited yet. There is no guarantee this, or something similar, will see the light of day as an official LEGO model. Yes, Minecraft made it through the LEGO’s review process fairly swiftly, but this may prove a much more difficult challenge, considering the film’s themes and appropriateness as it is an R-rated comedy. Consider LEGO’s own words on the achievement:

In our previous message, we noted that due to the themes behind Shaun of the Dead, there would need to be some significant internal discussion for us to agree to produce this as a product. Please understand that this discussion has yet to take place, and while we appreciate your work and celebrate this big success with you, we are not guaranteeing production.

What do you think? Will it make it through LEGO’s review process or will it be bludgeoned away by a cricket bat?

Ken Robichaud | March 30th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Batman, LEGO Super Heroes

Official LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Cover Art Revealed

Official Cover Art

The artwork for the LEGO Batman 2 game has been finalized and I was a bit surprised because I actually prefered the team-up style picture of Superman and Batman they’ve been using as a place holder. At this point I’m guessing that Lex Luthor’s inclusion on the cover and exclusive fig mean that he will be the overall ‘big bad’ in this game, but it wouldn’t be the first time he used his considerable wealth and intellect to band all of Gotham’s villains together to rid the world of capes.

You can still get the powersuit Lex fig with the pre-order links in the forum, but get in to get it quick when the game comes out as they have a habit of coming up short on the bonuses.

Ken Robichaud | March 30th, 2012 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Upcoming Ultimate Spider-man Set Figs Revealed

Spiderman legomarvel

I posted Sara Hollin‘s pics from the back of the comic included in one of the Avengers sets after Brickmythic gave a heads up in the forum yesterday, but my laziness prevented me from posting it on the front page until now. Apparently the NA street date is April 8th for 6873 Spider-man’s Doc Oc Ambush and if that’s true I’ll be counting the days. I am not a fan of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics, but some of the costumes are fantastic in general and the cartoon looks funny. Iron Fist may be about to make that leap from comic geek obscurity to more mainstream fandom.

Ace Kim | March 30th, 2012 | LEGO, Sales News

2520 Ninjago Battle Arena 75% off

I’ll start with the disclaimer. This is most likely an error on Shop@Home’s part and orders may be cancelled, but right now 2520 Ninjago Battle Arena is marked at 50% off, on sale for $29.98. However, if you add it to your bag the price comes down an additional $12.50, down to $12.48.

3648 Police Chase from the City theme seems to be suffering from the same additional price off. The product page shows a sale price of $19.98, but add it to your bag and the price drops down to $12.48.

Other sets may be affected but in my brief searchings I was unsuccessful in finding anything.

Good luck!

Thanks to VHTF for writing it in.

Ken Robichaud | March 29th, 2012 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics

Avengers Poster LEGO-ized

Avengers PosterLEGO Avengers Poster

Once again LEGO has chosen to hand out it’s exclusive media to a non-LEGO site and posted this LEGO-ized Avengers poster this afternoon. It’s funny because when the original poster was released I thought it looked like a bad photoshop job compared to some excellent fan creations, but in LEGO form it looks great and I really hope they put out that Nick Fury fig soon.

Ace Kim | March 28th, 2012 | Site News

Pardon our mess again

still testing. thank you for your patience.

Ace Kim | March 28th, 2012 | Events, LEGO Star Wars

New Additions to Star Wars Miniland at LEGOLAND California and an Update

Sandcrawler 2

The Opee Sea Killer isn’t the only thing that’s new at miniland at LEGOLAND California. And what’s with the name “Opee Sea Killer” anyway? Does it kill the Opee Sea? Or is it an Opee that happens to kill seas? That doesn’t make any sense. That would be like demolishing the house you live in while living in it.

ANYWAYS, like I was saying, the Opee Sea Killer isn’t the only new thing at Star Wars Miniland making it’s debut this weekend. There is also this absolutely gorgeous miniland-scale Sandcrawler designed and built by Master Model Builder Erik Varszegi. The model has over 15,000 elements and weighs over 50 lbs. Rob Hendrix of Lifelites lent his modding expertise to light it up. From Rob:

The Sandcrawler features a custom built lighting controller with 20 warm white colored LEDs, 1 multicolored flashing LED, and 2 Microchip controlled red flashing LEDs. The multicolored LED is in the cabin console and the red flashing LEDs are near the crane bay doors.
Unrelated to the lighting effects, I especially appreciate Erik Varzsegi’s craftsmanship on the back of the Sandcrawler. He takes “nice piece usage” to the next level

More eye candy:

Sandcrawler 1 Sandcrawler 5 Sandcrawler 4 Sandcrawler 3
Sandcrawler 6 Sandcrawler 9 Sandcrawler 8 Sandcrawler 7

There are two more models debuting this weekend. The Ion cannon on the Hoth layout is all new, and “a towering Crystal City building in Christophsis.” There’s no picture of the tower, but the Ion cannon is below.


And lastly, I sent an email out to everyone who’s volunteered for the weekend. If you’re bringing a model in person and haven’t heard from me any details on how to set up, email me immediately and I’ll get back to you.

Ken Robichaud | March 28th, 2012 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

[USA] Marvel Sets Available @

6865 Complete is once again the early bird and has the full assortment of Marvel sets available to purchase online now. Taking into account the speed the DC sets sold out in some locations and the hype surrounding the upcoming Avengers movie, you may want to grab the sets you want when you can get them. I have a feeling the upcoming Easter holiday will wipe out these sets quickly.

Thanks to hassmyster for the heads up!

Casey "cas" Scott | March 27th, 2012 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

[NA] Pre-order LEGO Batman 2, Get Lex Luthor

Exclusive Lex Luthor Minifigure

Last week we brought you the news of EB Games Australia’s sweet Lex Luthor pre-order bonus with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. This week, the bonus has been made available to North Americans! You can pre-order at Gamestop (US) or EB Games (Canada). Because nothing says “Batman” like Lex Luthor in power armor.

Ken Robichaud | March 24th, 2012 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics

Marvel Superheroes Site Goes Live @

Iron Man Stats @

Not a lot going on over there yet, but you can get a better look at each of the figures by clicking on their action shot. It even gives some statistics on their intelligence, strength, speed, agility and fighting ability. Though I would argue many of the stats like Iron Man being only one point below Thor in strength, I found it amusing that Tony’s smarts are turned all the way up to 11…

The pre-orders can’t be far behind now, but if the rumoured Spider-man set exists I’ll bet it pulls a Dynamic Duo Funhouse and pops up out of nowhere at the last minute.