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Archive for April, 2010

Don "Solo" Reitz | April 16th, 2010 | Contests

ASS Model Contest Poll Reset

We’ve been having a number of issues with the poll for our current contest… but we’ve got it back under control now thanks to Ace and his mad coding skills. We hope. However, and this part was entirely my fault, all of the votes placed during this week were lost when I attempted to extend the poll. Oops.

So, the downside is everyone who voted already has to vote again. The upside is everyone who was having trouble with the poll should be able to vote now, and the entry I managed to omit has been added to the grid so he now has a fair chance like everyone else. This *new* poll will run for 10 days as originally planned, everyone gets three votes to spread around, and the top five submissions will be pitted against each other about two weeks from now. Come on by the thread and cast (or recast) your votes!

Don "Solo" Reitz | April 14th, 2010 | LEGO Toy Story, News

I Must Have This Pizza Planet Pickup

As you may or may not know, Bricks by the Bay (northern California’s first LEGO convention) was held last weekend, and I was lucky enough to attend. Unfortunately I did not plan my trip well and didn’t take too many pictures, but I wanted to share with you may favorite upcoming set of this year that The LEGO Group decided to bring along and have on display for the fans: #7598 – Pizza Planet Truck Rescue

Must have. (by Don Solo)

It will be an exclusive set, which I’m assuming means it will only be available on LEGO Shop at Home and in Toys R Us, and the price point will be $40 if I overheard correctly. I apologize for not having more solid information to share… I was busy playing with it. That does seem a bit high for a set with only 225 parts, but it has a lot of large slopes and windscreens, plus four of the special Toy Story minifig: Hamm (not shown in my picture, but he’s part of the set), Rex, Buzz, and one LGM.  The hood, doors, and camper shell roof all open and you can fit everyone inside. Oh, and it shoots pizzas out of the front. How cool is that?

Maybe it’s just me because my first job was delivering pizzas in an old Toyota pickup, maybe it’s because of the a commonly known running gag to include the iconic “Delivery Shuttle” as an Easter egg in every Pixar movie, or maybe it’s because this is just a really fun and well designed set… whatever the reason, I am buying this the first chance I get. I don’t remember the last official set I’ve been this excited about.

Ace Kim | April 12th, 2010 | News

New LEGO Survey

Just got this bit of info from LEGO:

The LEGO Group Wants to Hear From You!

As Adult or Teenage Fans of LEGO, you bring an important perspective to the LEGO Group. We respect your creativity and passion for the LEGO brand.

Since December 2008, we have done quarterly online surveys to learn more about the needs and wishes of global AFOL (defined as ages 20+) and TFOL (defined as ages 13-19) communities. For your information, we have listed the key findings from the latest survey in November 2009 below. Now we ask you to take the survey again. It include some of the same questions, but also a set of new questions for you.

Please take a few moments to complete this short online survey to let us know your opinion about the LEGO Group.

You might notice that the link refers to the LEGO Kids Inner Circle; this is because Satmetrix, which hosts that site, is also supporting our efforts to track AFOL/TFOL opinions. Rest assured that this survey is for AFOL’s and TFOLs only.

Here are some of the key findings from the November 2009 survey:

· The survey was completed by 3.800 AFOLs and TFOLs. 30% of respondents were TFOLs, 70% was AFOLs. When asked about likeliness to recommend LEGO products and services to friends and family, AFOLs are (consistent with the previous surveys) more likely to recommend than TFOLs. When asked what the LEGO Group can do to improve willingness to recommend, most frequent answers center around request for adult/teen oriented products, re-release of classic sets and better pricing.

· In this survey we asked some questions specifically about LEGO Architecture. It was interesting for us to find out that 91% of the respondents are aware of LEGO Architecture. There was given as the most important reasons to purchase a LEGO Architecture set:

o I liked the building (53%)

o I like the way the product looks when it is built (44%)

o I just saw it and wanted it (40%)

· We also asked about AFOL and TFOL experiences with different LEGO Group touchpoints. A touchpoint is what we call places where consumers are in direct contact with the LEGO Group e.g. LEGO Stores, Consumer Service or The touch points which received the highest rating by you was LEGO Stores and Consumer Service. The ones that received the lowest rating was (excluding S@H) and the Community Team. We will investigate the reasons for the lower ratings further as we certainly want to improve!

Thank you,
The LEGO Community Team

Get thee to the survey!

Don "Solo" Reitz | April 11th, 2010 | Contests

ASS Model Contest – Voting Phase 1

The building phase is over and our members have shown off some very fine ASSes – now it’s your time to select the best of the best. Shown below are all of the qualifying ASS entries. Each active forum member can vote for up to three, and the top five from the first poll will go on to the final voting round and compete for the prizes. You have ten days to vote, so take your time and be sure to check out each ASS before making your selections.

01RARC fighter by Alpha 40 02THE FUGITIVE by LegGodt 03DSC06464 by jedi99998 04KSE Peacemaker-13 by Xiphos Systems 05My Submission to the "ASS Model" Contest by J Pfeife

06"ASS Model" 4 by legopino 07Anakonda by Karwik 08Silent Storm by Karwik 09Vax Piranha by Octopunk 10Onaconda's Speeder by bartosza6m

11Ass 1 by Fatyankee 12ASS model by JWP13 13Rodian Rook by Skaftepetter 14The Nopea Hiiri: port bow by We Are CS 15Propodite Transport Shuttle by Legomancer-Lv.10

16Advanced Scout Shuttle 4 by Fle90R 17Front View by LegoTemplar 188036_alt_model_ 3 quarter arial by asops turtle 19Walker:Blue Front by kelano28 20Krondla - ASS contest entry by Uspez Morbo

21ASS_Model_Warp-mersible by Darth Mitz 22"ASS Model" by Nebula-1 23Jackal-01 by zrath 24Mo'tek by Cole Blaq 25Final On Black by R.O.O.K

26ASS contest - The Poodoo by the real meeotch 27ASS - Neimodian TIE Interceptor by Diaaabo 28CJ-7 Separatist Fighter "ASS Model" by Shek Long 29"Ass Model" by Element Stacker 30D-19 Enforcer by Nannan Z.

31Crescent Mooner by Legohaulic 32Separatist Speeder by ri co le go 33IMG_1721 by legochrism 34ASS Model: CephaloPOD by JimButcher 35"ASS Model" HC-17 Luxury Transport by MrCRskater

36Alternate Separatist Shuttle 1 by condor80 37"ASS" Model: T-20 Eagle Stealth Striker by ThatGuyWithTheBricks 38ASS Model Contest pic1 by vandal08 39Neimoidian Gundark Wing by judeparrill 40DSCF1102 by trochanter

41Separatist DCA-PT 01 by bigospedros 42Kuat A-36s Windshrike (01) by Morgan190 43PIC_0290 by esmecarbea 44Separatist Medical Transport by Buzz Droid 45Separatist Shuttle Remix Mk2 (by pasukaru76)

Click here to go to the polling thread.

*edited on 4/16 to include entry #45 and to reset the poll so everyone can vote properly

8036_alt_model_ 3 quarter arial by asops turtle RARC fighter by Alpha 40
Ace Kim | April 11th, 2010 | Site News

Forums Are Back, Sorta

Forums are back, but I had to revert back to an earlier backup. Some posts, topics, and possibly private messages may have been lost. I apologize for the collateral damage, but things are back to being stable and right. If you see any funkiness, please post a comment on the forum thread.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ace Kim | April 9th, 2010 | Site News

Site Maintenance 4/9

I apologize for the sudden nature of this message, but I have to take the forums down for maintenance. There is a tiny tiny chance that posts from the past day or two will be lost. I’ll try to minimize the damage and downtime. Thank you for your patience.

Ace Kim | April 5th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

LEGO Star Wars 7749 Echo Base: $19.54

Amazon has LEGO Star Wars 7749 Echo Base for $19.54. I suspect this set to yo-yo because when I clicked on it from the listing page, it said $18.56. Buy two or add something small to bring your total up to $25 or more and you’ll score FREE Super Saver Shipping.

Rick "GIR3691" Theroux | April 3rd, 2010 | Sales News

Tesco in the UK “Buy 3 for 2″ This Week

Although supply issues may limit the UK fans from really taking full advantage of this sale, this week through April 6th there is a “Buy 3 for 2″ sale going on at UK Tesco stores in-stores and online.  I am not 100% sure, but I think that means that its a Buy 2 Get 1 Free BOGO-type sale.  Happy hunting!

PS: Thanks to bigospedros in the forums for the tip!

Ace Kim | April 2nd, 2010 | Site News

It Was Just a Joke

Well, another year’s gone by, and another prank is in the can.

Come on, now, the datestamp on the article should have been your first hint. If not, my one and only post on TBB being about knock-off Hello Kitty Duplo was another clue. And finally, all the people posting comments about it being April Fools’ Day should have been a dead giveaway.

To set the record straight: I am not leaving. I have not nor intend to sell the domain. My wife and I are not pregnant with our second child. Don really is waiting for his mail order bride, but from Japan. It’s rare I get to flex any creative muscle, and the prank post was just an exercise in writing.

I’d like to thank my staff for the brainstorming session on this year’s prank and a big thanks to Andrew over at The Brothers Brick for being my partner in crime.

Ace Kim | April 1st, 2010 | Site News


It’s time for me to step down.

I’ve taken a long, hard look at my life and the direction it’s been going. With a baby three and a half months old, and another on the way I came to the realization that sooner or later, something’s gonna give. And rather repeat the mistakes of my past, where my presence on the site was non-existent, I decided to be a little more proactive and step down from the duties as Editor in Chief of From Bricks To Bothans. This was not an easy decision to make. I’ve been wrestling with this issue for quite some time, ever since Leia was born to be exact. I’m sure my wife is sick of hearing me hem and haw about what to do. She’s been my rock far longer than I can remember; she’s encouraged me to keep the site and keep working on it but realistically that’s difficult to do now, and when the next baby comes, it’s going to be impossible.

I’ve spoken with the other administrators of the site, Nick, Don, and Ryan, and they all have their own issues and cannot shoulder the responsibility of taking over. Nick has a new house and I’m guessing will probably want to start a new family. Don’s still waiting for his mail order bride to ship from Russia. I’m totally kidding, he’s coming from Thailand. Okay, seriously, he’s facing possible unemployment and is looking for a job while working on his own house. Ryan has Carter and Connor, and last I know is working on his third kid. I’ve always said to my team that from day one their personal lives take priority and to work on the site when they have some down time. Truth of the matter is, with everyone’s life headed in their respective directions, no one has time anymore. And to be honest with you, there is no one else I can trust to take over the site. I’ve been involved since the beginning, and it’s been my baby since… gosh, maybe 2002 or so, maybe earlier. I’m not comfortable just handing it over to just anybody. It’s been a good run.

And just to set the record straight, this decision has nothing to do with the license possibly expiring in 2011. Even though no official announcement has been made, I’m willing to bet naming rights to my second kid that it will be extended for a few years more.

So what’s going to happen now? The domain has been sold to Andrew Becraft of The Brothers Brick. Despite our respective sites competing nature, he and I are great friends and I sought his advice on what to do. After much discussion, I’ve decided to sell the domain to Andrew. will either mirror TBB’s current site or forward a user directly. Nothing will change for at least a month. As part of the deal, I’ve taken a staff position with his site as a contributing writer. My experience, technical skills, and industry contacts will still benefit the LEGO AFOL community as a whole, just in a different capacity. I feel much more comfortable being a writer, as I can contribute when I can and not feel the pressure of keeping a site running.

The current ASS Model contest will be this site’s final hurrah, so to everyone who’s put the time and effort into entering, the contest will still go on.

I’m shutting down the forums. All forums and topics will be locked and preserved for posterity. I’ll leave the contest thread and one new forum open with this farewell message so you can post your thoughts and reactions and any questions. The chat room will eventually go away as well, just not sure when.

I’m all out of things to say. I hope that you can understand that this was not an easy decision, probably the most difficult one I’ve ever had to make. I’m still a little unsure if this is the best thing to do, but given what’s ahead in my life, I can only do what I think is right. To everyone who has supported this site, been a friend or foe to FBTB, to everyone I’ve ever met, there is nothing more I can say other than thank you. It is not enough to say just those two words, but nothing else I can say will ever come close to the appreciation I feel. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.