The building phase is over and our members have shown off some very fine ASSes – now it’s your time to select the best of the best. Shown below are all of the qualifying ASS entries. Each active forum member can vote for up to three, and the top five from the first poll will go on to the final voting round and compete for the prizes. You have ten days to vote, so take your time and be sure to check out each ASS before making your selections.

01RARC fighter by Alpha 40 02THE FUGITIVE by LegGodt 03DSC06464 by jedi99998 04KSE Peacemaker-13 by Xiphos Systems 05My Submission to the "ASS Model" Contest by J Pfeife

06"ASS Model" 4 by legopino 07Anakonda by Karwik 08Silent Storm by Karwik 09Vax Piranha by Octopunk 10Onaconda's Speeder by bartosza6m

11Ass 1 by Fatyankee 12ASS model by JWP13 13Rodian Rook by Skaftepetter 14The Nopea Hiiri: port bow by We Are CS 15Propodite Transport Shuttle by Legomancer-Lv.10

16Advanced Scout Shuttle 4 by Fle90R 17Front View by LegoTemplar 188036_alt_model_ 3 quarter arial by asops turtle 19Walker:Blue Front by kelano28 20Krondla - ASS contest entry by Uspez Morbo

21ASS_Model_Warp-mersible by Darth Mitz 22"ASS Model" by Nebula-1 23Jackal-01 by zrath 24Mo'tek by Cole Blaq 25Final On Black by R.O.O.K

26ASS contest - The Poodoo by the real meeotch 27ASS - Neimodian TIE Interceptor by Diaaabo 28CJ-7 Separatist Fighter "ASS Model" by Shek Long 29"Ass Model" by Element Stacker 30D-19 Enforcer by Nannan Z.

31Crescent Mooner by Legohaulic 32Separatist Speeder by ri co le go 33IMG_1721 by legochrism 34ASS Model: CephaloPOD by JimButcher 35"ASS Model" HC-17 Luxury Transport by MrCRskater

36Alternate Separatist Shuttle 1 by condor80 37"ASS" Model: T-20 Eagle Stealth Striker by ThatGuyWithTheBricks 38ASS Model Contest pic1 by vandal08 39Neimoidian Gundark Wing by judeparrill 40DSCF1102 by trochanter

41Separatist DCA-PT 01 by bigospedros 42Kuat A-36s Windshrike (01) by Morgan190 43PIC_0290 by esmecarbea 44Separatist Medical Transport by Buzz Droid 45Separatist Shuttle Remix Mk2 (by pasukaru76)

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*edited on 4/16 to include entry #45 and to reset the poll so everyone can vote properly

8036_alt_model_ 3 quarter arial by asops turtle RARC fighter by Alpha 40