I’m going to admit… this movie wasn’t really on my radar other than knowing it existed. But after curiosity got me and I watched it, the only question I have is: who is this movie honestly for?

It’s clearly not going to be for kids. It’s not for parents to take their kids to. It’s not for people who don’t know what Pokemon are. It’s not really for current fans of the game or cartoons, because it’s so drastically different. If it’s for anyone… it’s for people who liked it as kids and want a typical movie to go watch that plays with it, but not too much.

Maybe my problem with it is that I know I won’t be able to take my daughter to this movie, even though she loves Pokemon. Maybe I’m bothered by Charrizard trying to eat other Pokemon. Or it could be that I listen to it and I fully expect Deadpool to show up at any point in time…

At the very last, I know there will be a mashup trailer featuring Deadpool before the end of the day.


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