After the news that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is delayed, at least we get a flashy new trailer. I didn’t think I’d be so excited to see Red XIII in beautiful, crisp HD, but here we are. There’s some new story beats, with someone who looks like a SOLDIER rival for Cloud, and more development into the leaders of Shinra.

Seriously, I don’t think anything in this trailer has been shown off before. My biggest question now is whether Squeenix can give us a full game worth $60. They’ve previously said that this remake will only be in Midgar, which is the first 1/3rd or so of the original game.

Unfortunately, Squeenix’s recent action RPGs – Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III – had a ton of boring, mindless filler. I’m worried that the FF7 Remake might be the same.

Only one way to find out – when the game released on April 10th, 2020.


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