Inkling and Ridley amiibo

Best Buy has put up links for product listings for some new amiibo. Here they are:

No sign of Snake or Ice Climbers or anyone else that hasn’t been made yet. Amazon has a bunch of placeholders but you can’t actually place a pre-order or anything. Plus, if you’re a card-carrying Best Buy GCU member, you can get a discount on the amiibo. They are $15.99 each but that drops down to $12.79 after discount. They are a bit more expensive than when the Smash amiibo first came out, but given the BOTW amiibo were around that price, I’d just chalk it up to inflation.

You can also pre-order the following accessories as well as the game from them too:

  • Pre-order the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube controller $29.99: Amazon | Best Buy
  • Pre-order the controller adapter $19.99: Amazon | Best Buy
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is $59.99 for a physical copy but if you’re a Prime or GCU member, your checkout price is $47.99. Best Buy GCU members even get a $10 rewards certificate making it an even sweeter deal: Amazon | Best Buy

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