76085 Battle of Atlantis Is 40% Off


Amazon is selling the above set, 76085 Battle of Atlantis, for 40% off. It is now just $11.99 before tax, down from $19.99 MSRP. In a rare move for LEGO and DC, it is one of the few sets that doesn’t feature Batman.  You could speculate that it’s on sale because not many people wanted to buy it because it didn’t feature Batman. Or maybe it’s because the set design is really lacking and uninspired (exactly how much fun can you have with four minifigs and some pillars?). Or it could be because the fall waves will be coming out and Amazon needs to make space in their warehouse by clearing out inventory. It’s probably a combination of all three though. I’m rambling. No Batman, but you get Aquaman, Parademon, and 2 Atlantean guards instead. It’s got a nice selection of sand green and sand blue colored-elements, as well as a smattering of dark blue.


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