Today is Monday November 30th, and it’s the last day to take advantage of the LEGO Black Friday deals. Since it’s also considered Cyber Monday, you’d think there’d be new deals or additional discounts, but you’d be wrong. There’s nothing on the 20% discount list that seems to be new or even worth mentioning anymore. All of the high-ticket items are temporarily out of stock and can’t be backordered. The Avengers Compound is still available which just goes to show you how terrible that set is. I’d like to think that the customer base and fans of the series also saw it as a recycled CITY Police Station set and didn’t fall for it. It’s so bad, I’m not even going to put an affiliate link to it.

As far as the VIP offerings, the wooden figure that was available on Day 1 for 9,000 points sold out pretty quickly, the other daily offerings are still there: Mickey and Minnie Mouse set and Main Square for 20,000 points each. Either VIP members didn’t have 20,000 points to spare, or they just don’t find those sets worth getting at a very slight discount. Example: The Micky and Minnie Mouse set, set number 43179, retails for $179.99. In order to get $180 worth of vouchers using VIP points, you’d have to redeem 13,000 ($100) + 6,500 ($50) + 2,600 ($10) + 650 ($5) + 650 ($5) worth of points, which adds up to 23,400 VIP Points. If you redeem the Rewards offer for it and spend 20,000 points, you’re saving 3,400 points which roughly translates to a hair over $16 dollars. That’s not even 10% off the retail price. This is a terrible deal. I didn’t do the math on it but I assume the other items are discounted in the same similar, terrible way. And I hate the math I had to do to figure that out. Maybe that’s how LEGO gets you, it makes the math confusing and harder to calculate in your head to dupe you into redeeming for things that aren’t worth redeeming for.

I guess the only thing left to mention is the One Million Points giveaway. Today’s the last day to redeem an entry. If you feel like dumpster diving into the sales bin, you can find the leftovers here.  At least they have the Charles Dickens Tribute set still available.

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