I saw this on this on the news the other night, this being LEGO-compatible tape that no one asked for. Nimuno Loops, its official name, by Team Nimuno – Division of Chrome Cherry Design Studio, is making this flexible, cuttable tape in several widths and colors, with a sticky back that they claim is reusable. I’m curious how reusable this tape would be, especially in the hands of kids. They are making tape in both the stud and tube sides, so they can bind together. The actual clutch power to LEGO bricks remains to be seen. You can check out more information on their Nimuno Loops Indiegogo page. The crowdfunding phase has closed, meeting an astonishing 20055% of their original goal. You can pick some up on Amazon along with other LEGO-compatible tape that seems to have already existed. So why it’s a big deal now, I have no idea, but it seems like a pretty stupid idea if you ask me.