I got some early details for the special offer from LEGO S@H regarding the minifig poster:

“Celebrate 10 years of LEGO® Star Wars™ with the LEGO Shop! Get a FREE limited edition poster with purchase on LEGOshop.com on May 3rd and 4th only, while supplies last. Each individually numbered poster features over 160 LEGO Star Wars minifigures based on costume from the last 10 years. Go to LEGOshop.com at 12:01 am EST on May 3rd to find out more details and for another special announcement!

May the Force be with You™! Celebrate 10 Years of LEGO® Star Wars™

SAH LEGO Star Wars Poster

The Good: there’s no minimum purchase. The Bad: it’s only through Shop@Home and won’t be available through their brand stores. But something else may be available once they reveal the details of their other announcement. And The Ugly: the poster will be shipped to you folded. Unfortunately, that was the only way they were able to offer the poster in order to keep costs down and keep logistical details to a minimum.

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