LEGO Star Wars isn’t the only game in town celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary. FBTB was born the same year the LEGO Star Wars products hit the streets. We’ve had a couple of rough spots over the course of our history, but I can say with confidence that the current state of affairs ever since the relaunch, which I affectionately refer to as FBTB 3.0, has never been better. Part of that is due to the awesome staff I have working with me on the site. And a HUGE part of that is our community. In order to celebrate, I’ve cooked up a very special giveaway as a way of saying thanks.

Those of you may remember LEGO’s first promotional set from a while back, the MINI TIE Fighter. I had done a giveaway exclusively for forum members called “20 MINI TIEs in 20 Days”. From May 4th through the 24th, 2009, I will be doing a similar giveway I’d like to call, “May the Fourth Be With You”. Okay, so I borrowed the term from somewhere else but it works on so many levels, I couldn’t resist. Anyways, for 20 days, I’ll be posting a series of challenges in our forum. The challenges will range from trivia questions, to photo assignments to building challenges. There will be a little something for everyone. Here are some basic rules and guidelines. This list will be updated and finalized before May 4th so I urge you to check the forums for the master thread and re-read the rules. Oh, and the prizes you ask? The winner of each challenge can pick either a MISB Chrome Darth Vader or a MISB Chrome C-3PO. That’s right! I had to perform a lot of sexual favors to get the prize package; and I did it all for you. ūüėČ

1) I’ll be posting a series of challenges where specific tasks must be done or questions must be answered. Each challenge may carry it’s own set of guidelines in addition to the ones outlined below, so please be sure to read the challenge rules carefully.
2) Challenges will be posted once per 24 hours starting 12:01am May 4th, 2009 and ending 12:01am May 24th, 2009. Just to be clear, that is when the giveaway period starts, and not necessarily when the first challenge will be posted. No two challenges will be posted in the same one-hour time slot. So if I post a challenge on 3:15pm on one day, no other challenges will be posted during the 3:00-4:00pm time slot.
3) Challenges will be posted randomly throughout the forums. They will not be posted in Start Here or Buy/Sell/Trade.
4) To enter a challenge, simply post your answer/photo to the challenge thread within the eligibility period. Each challenge will have an eligibility period stated as to when entries will be accepted. Entries posted after the eligibility period will not qualify.

1) To be eligible, you must be a forum member registered before May 1, 2009 with at least 5 posts posted before May 1, 2009.
2) You can win only one challenge. Winners will be declared as soon and as fast as humanly possible.
3) Eligibility period for each challenge will be posted in the challenge rules.
4) In the case of a tie, the first correct entry received in chronological order wins.
5) Editing your posts FOR ANY REASON will disqualify you for all challenges of the May Promotion
6) You may enter a challenge only once. Multiple answers/photos in your reply will disqualify you for that challenge.
7) No whining or complaining. Whining and complaining will summon the whaaaaaaaaaaaambulance and you will be carted off, unable to participate in all challenges. And if you’ve been declared a winner of a challenge, you forfeit that challenge.
8) Do not harass the admins about the challenges. Any questions about picking a winner, judging a challenge, or when the next challenge will be posted will be grounds for disqualification. And this goes for the chat room as well.

Judging/Winner Determination:
Ace, Don, and/or Ryan will be determining the winners of each challenge.

The winner of each challenge will be able to choose either an MISB Chrome Darth Vader or MISB Chrome C-3PO minifigure.

FBTB is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail. By entering the contest, you agree that if you win, you will release FBTB, its owner and administrators from liability for any non-delivery of prize, or damage caused by transit, acts of God, or mishandling by delivery personnel. No insurance or tracking method will be used. You enter and win at your own risk. But honestly, I’ve had zero problems and the chances of something terrible happening to your prize are slim.

If you have any questions, post them in the forum thread.

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